Camped Under The Sky On The Ground in Kampoeng Peneng Camp


Enjoying the natural beauty of Bali can indeed be a variety of ways, such as camping activities that are now in great demand, not only for adults but also children during school activities. And now comes Kampoeng Peneng Campsite which is a camping spot with a cool mountain atmosphere with beautiful rice fields, this camping spot can certainly be the ideal choice for those of you who are already saturated with the hustle and bustle of the city, want to feel the rural or village atmosphere and wrapped in beautiful nature, a choice or alternative to beach tourism in Bali.

Kampoeng Peneng Campsite offers many different things compared to other campsites in Bali, this camping site is located in the Peneng hamlet, Mecarsari village, Baturiti District, Tabanan Regency, Bali. Travel distance from Denpasar about 38 km, towards the Lake Beratan Bedugul attraction, the location is exactly about 800 meters after (North) Joger shop in Luwus, turn left around 700 meters you will arrive at the location. Access roads to wide locations can be reached by car even with a tourism bus, Kampoeng Peneng campsite can be the newest camp destination in Bali.

Activity Package at Kampoeng Peneng Campsite.

1.Camp, BBQ and Campfire


Camp activities are the main activities at the Kampoeng Peneng Campsite, activities that you can do with family, relatives or friends. Camps and camp fires are inseparable, enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with a roofed sky, and will be more exciting with BBQ activities. Here are provided various facilities and equipment such as tents, firewood and food ingredients for BBQ.

2.School Thematic


Sharing the types of school activities you can do at Kampoeng Peneng Campsite such as jamboree activities, scout activities, getting to know various types of plants and others. Activities here can be a practice of field activities by linking the subjects obtained at school with what is in the field.

3.Outbound for Companies



Having a company outing event or activities with colleagues, the outbound activities at Kampoeng Peneng Campsite are the most ideal place. Various activities as needed can be provided such as training in the work environment or company. The programs are arranged according to needs, ranging from goal setting, trust building, ice breaking, problem solving & decision making, communication & leadership skills to many others.

4.Cycling tour

Bike riding is an interesting activity at Peneng’s campsite where you will be invited to enjoy the natural atmosphere of Luwus countryside which is still beautiful and natural, how you will feel closer to Balinese culture, witness the daily activities of villagers, and enjoy the natural atmosphere rarely can you find elsewhere

5.Trekking tours


adventure tourism, exploring untouched nature and away from the hustle and bustle of the city is well designed by Kampoeng Peneng Campsite. Nature that is green, beautiful and beautiful and fresh air becomes a natural therapy for you. You will be invited to go through rice field bunds, cross rivers with clear water flow, pass public baths that are hundreds of years old, view of hills and green mountains, accompanied by a guide or tour guide.

6.Farming and harvesting activities


Feel closer to nature by joining farming activities, with local residents. Enjoy the sensation of farming rice, wrestling with mud. Bali is indeed a small island, but some parts of the island still have paddy fields, some of which have even become popular tourist destinations. Now you are on the other side of the natural landscape of rice fields and can immediately blend with nature, and can also feel and join when harvesting crops.

Well, this is a suitable place for you who want to feel and live with nature and surrounded by cool scenery and far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Let’s camp here.