Handmade Jewelry’s Village

Making Beautiful Handmade Jewelry in Celuk Village

Bali is one of beautiful island which was visited by million people in the world every year. Bali has many unique things like amazing panorama of view, Balinese delicious food, the friendly people and many more. Beside of that, Bali has many place offer great handicraft, like Celuk Village. Continue reading “Handmade Jewelry’s Village”

Trying Another Unique Activity in Ubud

Ubud is one of village in Bali, located in Gianyar District. Ubud is one of beautiful place that turned into an attractive tour destination. Talking about Bali cultures, arts, and nature beauty are all related to Ubud. Therefore, Ubud can conclude as one of important area in Bali. Continue reading “Trying Another Unique Activity in Ubud”

Favorite Activity to Enjoy The Beautiful of Bali Island

Holiday is not also relaxed in the hotel or enjoys the tourist attraction. You can also doing adventure activities in Bali. Much kind of adventure activities you can do in Bali like hiking, climbing, trekking, water sport, cycling and many more. Today I would like to inform you one of the best activities you can do on your holiday in Bali. It is cycling. Here today I would like to inform to you the best venue to enjoy cycling in Bali. Here is it!

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Doing Everything Positive for a Healthy Mind and Body in Bali Island

Bali has fast-grown into one of the world’s most popular destinations for health and well-being, and yoga are no exception. Promoting everything positive for a healthy mind and body and being open to all, the yoga community in Bali has rapidly grown and made way for a large variety of yoga centers and studios, big and small, well spread throughout the island. Have yourself yoga holiday in Bali, stretch and unwind at some of these best studios for yoga in Bali. Here today I would like to inform to you the places to held and enjoy the yoga activities in Bali. Here is it!

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Balinese Arts and Mixture of Dance in This Tradition

Bali which is famous for its natural beauty and unique culture always get enthusiastic of tourists. The uniqueness of the Bali Island is one of which is a unique tradition. One of the cultural heritages that contain noble values which need to be preserved is a tradition that is a matter that is considered sacred, so that children and grandchildren someday know hereditary legacy which is still preserved until now. Here is it! The tradition I would like to share with you.

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Favorite Place for Spiritual Vacation in Bali

Hello Guys! Hello from the Bali Island. Bali Island is the one of favorite tourist destination in the world. Bali is famous by the unique tradition and the beautiful scenery nature. Bali Island is the cultural island in Indonesia. Well, Bali is not only serve a tourism spot such beaches, lake, or mountain area. However, Bali also has so many beautiful temples that have its own attraction for local or foreign tourists. Temple in Bali generally had a function as a place of worship for Hindus. Beside of that, some temple in Bali also has a function as place of “Melukat”. Melukat means self purify, usually it is need a holy water springs to do this Pelukatan ritual.  Here is I would like to inform to you one of the favorite temple by the tourist.

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The One and Only Submarine Sightseeing in Bali

Hello traveler! Hope you have a wonderful day. Today is great day for telling experience during holiday in Bali. Bali is not also well known by the beautiful scenery and good panorama of beaches. The good place to spare your holiday is on the island of God, Bali. If you’re a traveler who interest about the marvelous sea or you’re a person who want to holiday on best new experience, here I would give you the information.

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Bali Ocean Romantic Trip

Bali has many unique thing you can enjoy and try. Most the tourist attraction was satisfy the tourist and make a repeater tourist to Bali. Except the tourist attraction Bali has the nature and culture are the best in the world. Bali is favorite island and the island are very romantic by a couple to spare their honey moon here. The one of the romantic is dinner. Have you heard dinner upper of the cruise and at the same time you can see how the beautiful of the sunset. Here is it the romantic dinner I would inform to you.

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Quiet and Beautiful Place to Meditate in Bali

Bali has many places you have to visit. Bali famous with the nature and culture. The tradition also make Bali interest by the tourist. If you are a spiritualist, try to feel the vibration of the magical temple of Goa Garba or Garba Cave. Aura of the cave is so pronounced. People who aim to meditate and gain knowledge often come to this cave. This Goa Garba ancient relic is located beneath the Pengukur-Ukuran Temple estimated to have been built around the twelfth century AD during the reign of King Jayapangus.

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Togetherness with Family Doing Fun Activities in Bali

Hallo, Happy holiday! Today I’ll tell you a little of my experience is in the strawberry farm not far from the Bedugul area. Not only Botanical Garden and the famous Ulun Danu Temple you can find in Bedugul. In Bedugul there is a strawberry plantation area that can be visited. Strawberry plantations that are managed to become a tourist attraction in Bedugul area. Strawberry plantation is located at Jl. Raya Baturiti Bedugul, Bali.

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