Calendar of Events to be Held in Bali in 2020

If you already have an agenda for a vacation to Bali in 2020 with your friends or family, I really have interesting information. Vacationing will be more fun when spent not just just relaxing but also learning the culture. Bali is known as Paradise Island or Island of Heaven not because of no reason. Its beautiful and well-preserved natural resource wealth is its main attraction.
I have input for you to visit the Bali event celebrations while on vacation in 2020. Visiting Bali event celebrations will add to the impression of your vacation being unforgettable and add to your cultural insights.

1. Galungan Festival in Karangasem, Bali (19 February – 22 February 2020)

This Galungan holiday is a celebration of the creation of the earth and all of its contents. The Balinese people highly respect and view the Galungan celebration as a very important celebration.

Various preparations were made with joyful local people. Hindus in Bali will go to the temples around their homes during the celebration of Galunggan. Dominated by white clothes, Balinese women will carry offerings on their heads. You will certainly find many find penjor decorations along the streets in Bali. Penjor is a towering pole that is equipped with mushrooms and decorations such as fruits, vegetables, rice, coconut, and so forth.

2. Bali Spirit Festival (24 Maret – 31 Maret 2020)

Bali Spirit Festival is an international celebration that offers yoga, dance and music experiences.

This event will give you insight into rejuvenation and inspiration by providing various yoga, meditation, healing, dance and music classes that take place in one week. You will also find workshops that focus on health, spirituality and self-development. Feel this event is very self-described or in accordance with what you need? Come along!

3. Ubud Food Festival (17 April – 19 April 2020)
For you culinary lovers, the Ubud Food Festival is a place to visit celebrating the Bali event which is perfect for you to visit. You will be served a variety of the best culinary choices that can spoil your tongue. Not only Balinese culinary that you will find in this festival but also other culinary archipelago that have tempting taste. You can add insight about the culinary world at this festival because there will be a panel discussion involving speakers such as cooks, national and international culinary industry players, even gastronomic experts.

Very exciting right? Not only your stomach is made full at this festival but you will also be made full by a variety of knowledge about the culinary world, the comestible industry, and the cultural stories behind the delicious delicacies that you will find there. You can also bring home unique crafts or cooking equipment at this festival that can be used as attractive souvenirs.

4. Bali Kite Festival (To Be Announced – Agustus 2020)

This festival usually takes place in the dry season when the wind is blowing hard enough so that the kite can fly well. This kite festival is an international festival held in the area of ​​Padang Galak Beach, Sanur, Bali. In addition to being a nostalgic venue for kites when it was small, this festival is also suitable to be one of the child-friendly tourism choices.

The place to celebrate this Bali event will amaze us with the diversity of kites that are displayed with various types of patterns, colors, and sizes. Bob really wants to go there! If you go there, don’t forget to invite!

5. Ubud Village Jazz (To Be Announced – Agustus 2020)
As the name implies, the Bali event celebration venue called Ubud Village Festival is held in the Ubud area. The combination of beautiful Ubud Bali background and jazz music that plays beautifully no longer need you to doubt. After the Ubud Food Festival which shows its strengths in the culinary field, Ubud offers an experience to enjoy music that is not less exciting.

This festival presents a variety of top-flight jazz musicians in the country and international musicians to spoil your ears. Bali is able to show that the diversity of art and culture can be well received here. Not only traditional music events, international music events with contemporary music nuances can be an attraction for tourists to explore diverse music experiences at this festival.

There are so many choices of Bali event celebrations that you can visit in 2020. Confused choose one and want to visit more than one? It makes sense if you think so. Bali is indeed unbeatable in terms of its interesting festivals and events.

Don’t forget to plan your financial management properly to be able to visit various event celebrations in Bali.

Another Wonderful White Sand Beach in Bali

Everybody knows Bali, the best tourist destination in the world. Bali offers the beautiful beaches, amazing panorama, unique cultures, delicious traditional food and many more. But if you often visit to Bali, maybe you need something “new “in your experience. You must explore the Atuh Beach.

Atuh Beach is a white sandy beach that located at hidden side of Nusa Penida Island. It is not easy to reach this beach, you must walk from the parking area, but there are beautiful cliffs and beach view that can make your trip be amazing. In front of the beach there is an island called ‘Batu Abah’, that be a beautiful panorama. The beach area is about 500 meters and flanked by two islands where at one of the islands has a holy temple.

There is also a temple in front of the beach. Local people usually pray in this temple.  You can find one traditional dance performance called ‘Jangkang Pelilit’ only at this temple. Beside of that, this place is one of stunning fishing spot in Nusa Penida. The types of fishing that you can do are rock fishing and surf fishing. Fishing in Atuh Beach means let you immersed in the charm of the sea. Various types of fish also can you get here are snapper, barracuda or sharks. Sea water is still very clear with the island offering private sensation will make you feel at home linger fishing here.


Bali Memories Spectacular Art Exhibition


The second edition of the annual contemporary art exhibition Art Bali was officially opened on Saturday (12/10) at ITDC Nusa Dua, Badung, Bali. With the headline Spectulative Memories, this exhibition which presented selected works from 32 Indonesian and foreign artists was held for 3 months, works from 13 October 2019 to 13 January 2020.

This time the Bali Art exhibition presents visual art works in various medium presentations such as paintings, installations, and works with new art media. The total works are 49, consisting of 25 two-dimensional works and 5 three-dimensional works and 19 works are installation / multimedia / video / and other media.

One of the works belongs to artist I Wayan Sujana ‘Suklu’ who responds to the theme of the exhibition by exploring his personal memory of an agrarian cultural memory. He uses bamboo as a medium of expression.


Art Bali is designed as one of the large-scale and international-level art exhibitions in Indonesia with the aim of developing and developing the arts and culture ecosystem in Bali in particular. Art Bali is also intended to inspire and foster public appreciation for the development of artistic works by artists and increase public interest in always visiting art events including contemporary art. Aside from being a public education, Art Bali is intended to help encourage Bali tourism. Therefore, this exhibition was held for three months.


The works in this exhibition gave birth to his own event. He has shaped many realities with various possible transitions. The memory of time has a perspective that is not merely expressed by a large force but displays small pieces that have not had time to be excavated or have not even been found. We always need new efforts to understand the reality that occurs today in order to realize and celebrate humanity. memory can be translated as memory, and this memory appears neurotic. However, these days memory has shifted, especially because of technology, memory is no longer determined by what can be remembered but what is in the cloud. Nilu emphasized that technology is a new extension of human memory today.


Tickets :
Foreigners IDR 150 thousand 
Indonesian citizens IDR 100 thousand


The Thrill of Riding Scooter Under Water


Enjoying a vacation in Bali, there are always recreation or new games that are served, such as the watersport adventure tour in Melasti Beach, Jl. Tukad Punggawa, Serangan, after the fly board that makes you fly in the air and provide a unique sensation and experience, now comes the Underwater Scooter watersport tourism game, but the place on the island of Bali attack by giving the sensation of driving with a scooter below sea level. You will feel how to walk by driving a scooter under sea water, of course this will provide a unique and new experience when traveling with your partner or family.

Enjoying the beauty of the underwater nature tour by joining Bali’s underwater scooter, of course is another way besides you join diving, seawalker or Odyssey Submarine Bali submarine tours. Underwater Scooter or underwater scooter on Serangan Island will be an option that does not require special skills, because during the game you ride a special underwater vehicle, the scooter vehicle has also included an oxygen cylinder that will be used by players for breathing, in contrast to seawalker connected by an oxygen hose above sea level.

Underwater Scooter in Bali Attack is provided by Aqua Star providers who are experienced in underwater tours, participating in Bali underwater scooter games you can still use various accessories that adorn your head, because your head is tightly closed so that water cannot enter. How to operate an underwater scooter vehicle is very easy, only takes a few minutes you can control it, by controlling the device with the buttons provided you can fly like a flight in zero gravity, you can stop and drift again according to the control you want.


Bali underwater scooters use scooters that have two engines, one engine for way to the front and the other for upward movement. The driving buttons are placed in a place that is easily reached by the driver, such as the right and left wheels. Even the speed of this underwater scooter cannot be as fast as a scooter on land, the speed is only around 5 km / hour. While the depth limit of Bali’s underwater scooter adventure tourism is only at a depth of 4 meters, this is done to avoid scooters from crashing into underwater reefs. To ensure safety and comfort, every dive is followed or accompanied by a guide (diver).

For underwater tourism activities such as Bali underwater scooters need a pontoon or special floating dock in the middle of the sea, which has been prepared to participate in these activities. With a depth of 4 meters a safe zone for motorists without the consequences of decompression, the vehicle is associated with a float on the surface, so it is not possible to dive deeper. You can enjoy the walk below sea level for 25 minutes, while under the sea you will feel how close you are to the underwater fishes that seem very friendly to you.


Underwater world that is rarely accessible to ordinary people in the world, now you can more easily get close to the tour just by joining Bali’s underwater scooter, this game is specially designed to be enjoyed by children and adults alike, this adventure tour is managed by a company that is well known and has experience in its field, namely Aqua Star. Enjoy your underwater adventure tour with more sensation and deserve to be remembered and preserved.


Bali is always just giving a different sensation in each place, now if you are one who likes water tourism you should not miss this place


Starbucks Sanctuary Coffee in Bali


Do you know where the biggest Starbucks outlet is in Southeast Asia? Apparently not in Jakarta, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. But on Sunset Road, Bali! Yes, the Seattle-based company opened a unique store called Starbucks Coffee Sanctuary or Starbucks Reserve Dewata. This outlet was designed as a tribute to the important role of Indonesia, the fourth largest Arabica coffee producing country in the world. Starbucks itself has used Sumatra coffee on Starbucks drinks list since 1971, followed by other coffees from various places in Indonesia. Not just drinking coffee, visitors can also learn how coffee beans are processed starting from sorting, roasting, to serving. Starbucks Reserve Dewata is promised to be the single most unique coffee outlet out of 24 thousand in various parts of the world, as well as being the second largest in the world.

Let me not be curious, let’s take a peek at the cool portrait of Starbucks, located on Jalan Sunset Road, Number 77, Seminyak, Kuta, Bali.

On the second floor, there is a mini coffee garden that shows coffee trees from 1 month to 1 year old


On the second floor there is also a tester room. This outlet carries the concept of edutainment so that visitors can learn about coffee while enjoying it


√At the reserve bar, visitors can see a variety of coffee serving techniques, ranging from manuals to using machines


√On the second floor, there is a special room that shows a video about coffee farmers


√On the outside, there is a 10×10 meter coffee tree. Why so much size? Because coffee farmers in Indonesia also plant the same size.


√This outlet also has an interactive video wall that shows how coffee is processed visually



There are many more unique from Starbucks. Well, if it’s not affdol, if you go to Bali, don’t hang out here.

Enjoy Bali From The Cafe in Seminyak


Talking about Bali is endless. In addition to the culture and traditions that are still very much attached, the beauty and charm of various tourist destinations in Bali are already very popular to foreign countries. Not only attractions that are interesting to visit, Bali also offers a variety of cool places to hang out in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. As one of the world’s tourist destinations, Bali is equipped with various facilities that are very adequate to provide comfort for tourists. Starting from hotels, shopping centers, cafes to fine dining places that are spread almost in every corner of the region.

Various choices of places to hang out with a cool and comfortable atmosphere can also be found in Bali. Some even open 24 hours with free wifi. So you can chat, hang out, meet up with coworkers, to do assignments & thesis whenever you want .Even more interesting, some hangouts in Bali offer unique, instagramable concepts that are different from other regions.

Now, where is the most hits hangout in Seminyak, Bali? Here are our recommendations:

1.The Farmer Brews Coffee


Jl. Drupadi No. 21Seminyak 80361, Indonesia


Price Range  :IDR 29,000 – IDR 86,000
CUISINES     :American, Cafe, International, European, Asian
Special Diets :Vegetarian Friendly, Gluten Free Options

2. Revolver Espresso

Jl. Kayu Aya no. 3, Seminyak 80361 Indonesia
Open Now         :07.00 a.m – 12.00 pm
Price range       :Rp 43,000 – Rp 143,000
Cook                 :Cafe, European
Special Diets     :Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free  Options

3. Sisterfields


Open Now    :07.00 a.m – 22.00 p.m
Cook             :Contemporary, Cafe, Australia
Special Diets:Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options
FOOD           :Lunch, Brunch, Breakfast, Dinner

4. The Fat Turtle


ABOUT :”All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast” The Fat Turtle serves all day breakfast menu, desserts and coffee! We do have slow and cold pressed juices too! tell you a little secret, our place is a little bit off the road, but you can easily find us if you look for Deus Shop at jalan petitenget, just opposite Springhill and Mantra group property also Potato Head Beach Club! 😉 See you good people! “People who loves to eat are always the best people”
Open Now           :8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
SPECIAL DIETS :Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options
MEALS               :Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch, Drinks
CUISINES          : Cafe, Healthy, Contemporary, Fusion
FEATURES        :Takeout, Outdoor Seating, Parking Available, Highchairs Available, Accepts American Express, Accepts Mastercard, Accepts Visa, Free Wifi, Reservations, Seating, Accepts Credit Cards, Table Service

5. Baby Revolver



Cuisines  :Cafe
Meals      :Breakfast, Brunch
Features  :Takeout, Seating

6.The Koop Roaster & Cafe


Open Now     :8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Price Range  :IDR 29,000 – IDR 100,000
Cuisines        :Indonesian, Cafe, International, Healthy
Special Diets :Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options

Camped Under The Sky On The Ground in Kampoeng Peneng Camp


Enjoying the natural beauty of Bali can indeed be a variety of ways, such as camping activities that are now in great demand, not only for adults but also children during school activities. And now comes Kampoeng Peneng Campsite which is a camping spot with a cool mountain atmosphere with beautiful rice fields, this camping spot can certainly be the ideal choice for those of you who are already saturated with the hustle and bustle of the city, want to feel the rural or village atmosphere and wrapped in beautiful nature, a choice or alternative to beach tourism in Bali.

Kampoeng Peneng Campsite offers many different things compared to other campsites in Bali, this camping site is located in the Peneng hamlet, Mecarsari village, Baturiti District, Tabanan Regency, Bali. Travel distance from Denpasar about 38 km, towards the Lake Beratan Bedugul attraction, the location is exactly about 800 meters after (North) Joger shop in Luwus, turn left around 700 meters you will arrive at the location. Access roads to wide locations can be reached by car even with a tourism bus, Kampoeng Peneng campsite can be the newest camp destination in Bali.

Activity Package at Kampoeng Peneng Campsite.

1.Camp, BBQ and Campfire


Camp activities are the main activities at the Kampoeng Peneng Campsite, activities that you can do with family, relatives or friends. Camps and camp fires are inseparable, enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with a roofed sky, and will be more exciting with BBQ activities. Here are provided various facilities and equipment such as tents, firewood and food ingredients for BBQ.

2.School Thematic


Sharing the types of school activities you can do at Kampoeng Peneng Campsite such as jamboree activities, scout activities, getting to know various types of plants and others. Activities here can be a practice of field activities by linking the subjects obtained at school with what is in the field.

3.Outbound for Companies



Having a company outing event or activities with colleagues, the outbound activities at Kampoeng Peneng Campsite are the most ideal place. Various activities as needed can be provided such as training in the work environment or company. The programs are arranged according to needs, ranging from goal setting, trust building, ice breaking, problem solving & decision making, communication & leadership skills to many others.

4.Cycling tour

Bike riding is an interesting activity at Peneng’s campsite where you will be invited to enjoy the natural atmosphere of Luwus countryside which is still beautiful and natural, how you will feel closer to Balinese culture, witness the daily activities of villagers, and enjoy the natural atmosphere rarely can you find elsewhere

5.Trekking tours


adventure tourism, exploring untouched nature and away from the hustle and bustle of the city is well designed by Kampoeng Peneng Campsite. Nature that is green, beautiful and beautiful and fresh air becomes a natural therapy for you. You will be invited to go through rice field bunds, cross rivers with clear water flow, pass public baths that are hundreds of years old, view of hills and green mountains, accompanied by a guide or tour guide.

6.Farming and harvesting activities


Feel closer to nature by joining farming activities, with local residents. Enjoy the sensation of farming rice, wrestling with mud. Bali is indeed a small island, but some parts of the island still have paddy fields, some of which have even become popular tourist destinations. Now you are on the other side of the natural landscape of rice fields and can immediately blend with nature, and can also feel and join when harvesting crops.

Well, this is a suitable place for you who want to feel and live with nature and surrounded by cool scenery and far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Let’s camp here.



LA PLANCA || Colorful Bar & Restaurant By The Beach


La Planca was founded in 2010. It is located on Seminyak Beach, precisely on Jl.Dyanapura Seminyak – Kuta Bali. La Plancha which in Spanish means the surfboard is owned by a Spanish citizen named Gonzales. That’s why from the name of the cafe to the menu all smelled of Spain.
La Plancha consists of indoor and outdoor. There are 2 floors indoors, an indoor cafe and a balcony. As for the outdoor, this is the one with many photos on the internet, consisting of bean bag chairs and umbrellas, all of which are colorful. By the way, La Plancha isn’t just for sunset, you know …
The hours of operation are 9: 00 am-01: 00 am, So if you want to brunch here you can.
There is live music and DJ that make the atmosphere even more hype!


Usually around 4 pm, a new bean bags officer will arrange the holder and invite guests to immediately take their places. There is no booking or reserve system in advance. Whoever comes first can get it. So if you really want to hang out here, make sure at the latest pkl. 15: 30 woman is sitting sweetly waiting. Because at 4 o’clock, dozens of people really appeared from various directions, scrambling to choose the most strategic seat. Density is increasingly felt when so many mothers selling various handicrafts also pushed among the guests, plus the uniformed waiters who were busy pacing back and forth. How crazy !!

Food Menu Prices at La Plancha Restaurant

This restaurant is very striking because it carries the concept of Rainbow everywhere. Starting from the chair, benbed, to the umbrella. About the menu, Spanish food and seafood grille are prominent. But still provide other foods such as pizza and steak.

For the sangria and majito drinks are the most ordered. For relatively cheap prices around 20,000-75,000 rupiah. You can also order alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Best Time to Visit La Plancha Restaurant


Starting at 16.30 – 19.30 the right time to relax at La Plancha because there is a DJ attraction that presents soul tracks, chill and even reggae accompany us to enjoy the sunset here. Oh yeah there are 6 International Resident DJs who will accompany us alternately, sometimes even the TOP DJs in the capital city are invited to entertain at La Plancha.

In the Double Six Beach area it is very difficult to be able to park. The road around Seminyak is also sometimes jammed for hours, it is highly recommended for those of you who want to go to La Plancha so just walk or ride a motorcycle. The right time to hang out here is around 17:00 to 18:30.

Many domestic and foreign tourists who want to see the sunset in this place. However, if the weather is cloudy, it’s a shame you have to be a little disappointed. So, make sure first come to this place when the weather is sunny.

For those of you who will visit La Plancha Restaurant, do not need to book, just sit and waiters will come. What are you waiting for, unique restaurant, delicious menu and definitely Instagramable. Please visit and enjoy your vacation.



Record The Date – The Festival Takes Place During August

Record the date Traveller

kite festival

The Island of the Gods not only presents hotels or Instagenic cafes that continue to attract tourists to come. There are many exciting events that are held throughout the year.  Besides tourism, the Bali government often makes annual festivals to attract tourists to visit. Not only to attract tourists but also preserve local culture and customs.

Bali’s annual festival is now one of the attractions and must be looked forward to for those of you who want to experience a different way of vacation. Bali has long been hosting local and international festivals, so it’s a shame if you miss it.

So, for the Friends Traveler vacation to be more memorable, this is an event in Bali in August 2019 that is interesting to visit. Note the date, traveller.

1. Mertasari Kite Festival (13 August 2019)

Mertasari kite festival

Mertasari Kite Festival which will be held on August 13, 2019. The location is at Mertasari Beach, Sanur Kauh Village, Denpasar District. The event starts at 07:00 until 18:00 WITA. The event was that visitors were served hundreds of beautiful kites in the air. Bali Kite Festival is an annual moment in Bali which is usually much awaited by tourists. The festival began in 1979 with many participants from the International Kite Flying Club. During the festival, thousands of participants and kite lovers will flood the arena and bring kites of various styles, colors, and sizes.

2. Kuta Sea Seand & Land Fest ( 15-19 August 2019 )

download (12)

Kuta Sea Sand & Land Fest is held on 15-19 August 2019 at Kuta Beach. The event will be filled with cultural parade treats. The paradigm starts from in front of the main Garuda beach. In the afternoon, visitors will be treated to the exotic sunset of Kuta Beach which is accompanied by beautiful traditional music.

3 . Ubud Village 

Ubud village jazz festival

On August 16-17 the Ubud Village Jazz Festival will be held, which will feature a jazz concert. This event will be held in Ubud Village and will be attended by no less than 30 famous musicians. Starting from Indra Lesmana until Nancy Pontoh will be the filler. Now don’t miss the date especially for those who love  jazz if you miss this moment.





4. Tanah Lot Arts Festival ( 18-20 August 2019 )

The annual Tanah Lot Arts Festival will be officially opened with the performance of Rejang Sandat Ratu Segara Dance by 1800 dancers. Rejang Sandat Ratu Segara is a Balinese sacred dance dedicated to Mother Earth. The previous year, the opening ceremony had set MURI’s world record as the largest number of dancers in the world.

Tanah Lot Arts Festival 2019 itself is a cultural festival from Tabanan Regency. The festival takes place in Tanah Lot, a famous and very large temple complex on the waterfront. Tanah Lot is also one of the most visited tourist destinations in Bali. The main objective is to increase tourist visits to Tabanan Regency. For the event, it is filled with performances of dance, culture, and culinary. There are also coffee festivals and exhibits from Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. Watch how magical it is!

5 . Sanur Village Festival (21-25 August 2019)

This August, a stretch of white sand called Sanur Beach in South Bali will launch the 14th Sanur Village Festival which presents a variety of exciting festivals that will take place from August 21-25, 2019.

As always, the Sanur Village Festival 2019 promises lots of fun, delicious food and lots of fun and fun for everyone. Among the exciting events you can look forward to this year are: Fiesta Culinary where various vendors selling street food to 5 star hotels and restaurants will present a delicious food bazaar; Traditional arts and cultural performances from all over the island and other parts of the archipelago will also include a colossal ballet or traditional Balinese ballet.

A contemporary art party that includes body painting, on-site paintings, art and photography exhibitions, fruit carvings, and more; Exciting Games and Sports Tourism Competitions that will include marathon, futsal, tennis, golf, surfing, windsurfing, fishing, traditional boats and more; and don’t forget, an international kite festival featuring traditional kites from Bali and other parts of Indonesia and international participants.

The festival will also highlight environmental actions such as planting coral, releasing baby turtles to the sea, cleaning beaches, planting mangroves, and other environmental awareness education activities in addition to green living campaigns involving local residents and tourists.

6 . Tirta Gangga Festival ( 24-26 August 2019 )

There is also the Tirta Gangga festival held on 24-26 August 2019. The main objective of this one event is to promote the tourist sites of the Tirta Gangga Park which is known as one of the famous detonations in Karangasem Regency. Karangasem is not too well known, especially by domestic tourists. the festival is expected to introduce Karangasem as a tourist destination, especially for domestic tourists.

For those of you who are planning to travel to Bali this August, don’t miss the events above. Have a nice trip and your Instagram feeds will be more diverse.

There is also the Tirta Gangga festival held on 24-26 August 2019. The main purpose of this one event is to promote the Tirta Gangga Park tourist attraction which has been known as one of the famous detonations in Karangasem Regency. Karangasem is not very well known, especially by domestic tourists. the festival is expected to introduce Karangasem as a tourist destination, especially for domestic tourists.

For those of you who are planning to travel to Bali this August, don’t miss the events above. Have a nice trip and your Instagram feeds will be more diverse.


The Meaning and Philosophy of Tri Datu’s Bracelet

Not only a Bracelet

Who does not know Bali, an island that is well known to foreign countries, this island saves a lot of beauty both undoubtedly the beauty of nature and the uniqueness and richness of culture that is still preserved and preserved. This time I will discuss the meaning of a bracelet and the philosophy of the Balinese people, especially those who adhere to Hinduism, regarding the true meaning of the Tri Datu bracelet.

The meaning Of Tri Datu Bracelet

                                                 Tri Datu Bracelet

Tri Datu or Tridatu, Tridhatu is a thread arrangement with deep philosophical values ​​and is believed by Hindus to have power.   Tri means three and Datu means element or color.

Tri Datu yarn is a thread that consists of three kinds of colors, namely: red, white and black. It is a manifestation symbol of Hyang Widhi that is made by stakeholders in a temple on a good day and has the meaning of increasing its own aura.

The three colors of Tri Datu thread also symbolize the sanctity of God in its manifestation as Tri Murti:

1. Lord Brahma (creator), the color is Red

2. Lord Wisnu (preserver), the color is Black

3. Dewa Iswara / Siwa (smelter), the color is White

Besides that, Tri Datu thread as a symbol of Tri Kona, namely: 1. Born, 2. Life, and 3. Dead,

Using Tri Datu thread, humans are increasingly bound to three birth journeys in the world. After birth and now life, and then death. The use of Tri Datu yarn is hoped that we always remember the greatness of God as the great creator, keeper and fuser.

The guiding bracelet of man is better

Because it has such a deep meaning, even a Balinese Tri Datu racelet is often worn by Balinese people when holding religious ceremonies. In fact, at present, almost all religious ceremonies in Bali are accompanied by the use of Tri Datu Bracelets by the participants. Moreover, for the people of Bali, this bracelet is a manifestation of Ida Sang Hyang Widhi.

In addition, Balinese people who wear this bracelet also do not need to buy it. Usually, this bracelet is part of pica or a gift given by some temples. According to news circulating widely in the community, Pura Dalem Ped in Nusa Penida is the first temple to distribute Tri Datu Bracelets to its visitors.

For most Hindus, you might never realize, the function of this bracelet. The tri datu bracelet also serves as a human awareness tool to always stay on the right path. In the Pitra Yadnya ceremony or the Ngaben ceremony, the function of this bracelet is to guide the dead person.

Along with the growing trend in society, other temples in Bali follow similar steps. They also gave tri datu bracelets to the visitors who came to worship. As is the case in Pura Dalem Ped, the bracelet is intended as a gift.

Although it is used as one of the infrastructure of worship by Hindus, the use of Balinese tri atu bracelets is indeed not exclusively for Hindus. Adherents of other religions are also allowed to wear this bracelet. It’s just that, in its use, it must be done properly. For example, wearing this bracelet on the leg, would be one form of abuse on religious symbols for the Hindu community.

You can get it for free at the temple. However, as an alternative, you can also get this unique Balinese bracelet by buying it directly. It is not difficult to get a seller who offers merchandise in the form of a rope bracelet. Interesting also if chosen as souvenirs, you know. from the meaning of the bracelet we can make this bracelet a souvenir for the people closest to us while visiting Bali and can also remind us of Bali which has many enchanting charms.