Calendar of Events to be Held in Bali in 2020

If you already have an agenda for a vacation to Bali in 2020 with your friends or family, I really have interesting information. Vacationing will be more fun when spent not just just relaxing but also learning the culture. Bali is known as Paradise Island or Island of Heaven not because of no reason. Its beautiful and well-preserved natural resource wealth is its main attraction.
I have input for you to visit the Bali event celebrations while on vacation in 2020. Visiting Bali event celebrations will add to the impression of your vacation being unforgettable and add to your cultural insights.

1. Galungan Festival in Karangasem, Bali (19 February – 22 February 2020)

This Galungan holiday is a celebration of the creation of the earth and all of its contents. The Balinese people highly respect and view the Galungan celebration as a very important celebration.

Various preparations were made with joyful local people. Hindus in Bali will go to the temples around their homes during the celebration of Galunggan. Dominated by white clothes, Balinese women will carry offerings on their heads. You will certainly find many find penjor decorations along the streets in Bali. Penjor is a towering pole that is equipped with mushrooms and decorations such as fruits, vegetables, rice, coconut, and so forth.

2. Bali Spirit Festival (24 Maret – 31 Maret 2020)

Bali Spirit Festival is an international celebration that offers yoga, dance and music experiences.

This event will give you insight into rejuvenation and inspiration by providing various yoga, meditation, healing, dance and music classes that take place in one week. You will also find workshops that focus on health, spirituality and self-development. Feel this event is very self-described or in accordance with what you need? Come along!

3. Ubud Food Festival (17 April – 19 April 2020)
For you culinary lovers, the Ubud Food Festival is a place to visit celebrating the Bali event which is perfect for you to visit. You will be served a variety of the best culinary choices that can spoil your tongue. Not only Balinese culinary that you will find in this festival but also other culinary archipelago that have tempting taste. You can add insight about the culinary world at this festival because there will be a panel discussion involving speakers such as cooks, national and international culinary industry players, even gastronomic experts.

Very exciting right? Not only your stomach is made full at this festival but you will also be made full by a variety of knowledge about the culinary world, the comestible industry, and the cultural stories behind the delicious delicacies that you will find there. You can also bring home unique crafts or cooking equipment at this festival that can be used as attractive souvenirs.

4. Bali Kite Festival (To Be Announced – Agustus 2020)

This festival usually takes place in the dry season when the wind is blowing hard enough so that the kite can fly well. This kite festival is an international festival held in the area of ​​Padang Galak Beach, Sanur, Bali. In addition to being a nostalgic venue for kites when it was small, this festival is also suitable to be one of the child-friendly tourism choices.

The place to celebrate this Bali event will amaze us with the diversity of kites that are displayed with various types of patterns, colors, and sizes. Bob really wants to go there! If you go there, don’t forget to invite!

5. Ubud Village Jazz (To Be Announced – Agustus 2020)
As the name implies, the Bali event celebration venue called Ubud Village Festival is held in the Ubud area. The combination of beautiful Ubud Bali background and jazz music that plays beautifully no longer need you to doubt. After the Ubud Food Festival which shows its strengths in the culinary field, Ubud offers an experience to enjoy music that is not less exciting.

This festival presents a variety of top-flight jazz musicians in the country and international musicians to spoil your ears. Bali is able to show that the diversity of art and culture can be well received here. Not only traditional music events, international music events with contemporary music nuances can be an attraction for tourists to explore diverse music experiences at this festival.

There are so many choices of Bali event celebrations that you can visit in 2020. Confused choose one and want to visit more than one? It makes sense if you think so. Bali is indeed unbeatable in terms of its interesting festivals and events.

Don’t forget to plan your financial management properly to be able to visit various event celebrations in Bali.

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