LA PLANCA || Colorful Bar & Restaurant By The Beach


La Planca was founded in 2010. It is located on Seminyak Beach, precisely on Jl.Dyanapura Seminyak – Kuta Bali. La Plancha which in Spanish means the surfboard is owned by a Spanish citizen named Gonzales. That’s why from the name of the cafe to the menu all smelled of Spain.
La Plancha consists of indoor and outdoor. There are 2 floors indoors, an indoor cafe and a balcony. As for the outdoor, this is the one with many photos on the internet, consisting of bean bag chairs and umbrellas, all of which are colorful. By the way, La Plancha isn’t just for sunset, you know …
The hours of operation are 9: 00 am-01: 00 am, So if you want to brunch here you can.
There is live music and DJ that make the atmosphere even more hype!


Usually around 4 pm, a new bean bags officer will arrange the holder and invite guests to immediately take their places. There is no booking or reserve system in advance. Whoever comes first can get it. So if you really want to hang out here, make sure at the latest pkl. 15: 30 woman is sitting sweetly waiting. Because at 4 o’clock, dozens of people really appeared from various directions, scrambling to choose the most strategic seat. Density is increasingly felt when so many mothers selling various handicrafts also pushed among the guests, plus the uniformed waiters who were busy pacing back and forth. How crazy !!

Food Menu Prices at La Plancha Restaurant

This restaurant is very striking because it carries the concept of Rainbow everywhere. Starting from the chair, benbed, to the umbrella. About the menu, Spanish food and seafood grille are prominent. But still provide other foods such as pizza and steak.

For the sangria and majito drinks are the most ordered. For relatively cheap prices around 20,000-75,000 rupiah. You can also order alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Best Time to Visit La Plancha Restaurant


Starting at 16.30 – 19.30 the right time to relax at La Plancha because there is a DJ attraction that presents soul tracks, chill and even reggae accompany us to enjoy the sunset here. Oh yeah there are 6 International Resident DJs who will accompany us alternately, sometimes even the TOP DJs in the capital city are invited to entertain at La Plancha.

In the Double Six Beach area it is very difficult to be able to park. The road around Seminyak is also sometimes jammed for hours, it is highly recommended for those of you who want to go to La Plancha so just walk or ride a motorcycle. The right time to hang out here is around 17:00 to 18:30.

Many domestic and foreign tourists who want to see the sunset in this place. However, if the weather is cloudy, it’s a shame you have to be a little disappointed. So, make sure first come to this place when the weather is sunny.

For those of you who will visit La Plancha Restaurant, do not need to book, just sit and waiters will come. What are you waiting for, unique restaurant, delicious menu and definitely Instagramable. Please visit and enjoy your vacation.



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