The Meaning and Philosophy of Tri Datu’s Bracelet

Not only a Bracelet

Who does not know Bali, an island that is well known to foreign countries, this island saves a lot of beauty both undoubtedly the beauty of nature and the uniqueness and richness of culture that is still preserved and preserved. This time I will discuss the meaning of a bracelet and the philosophy of the Balinese people, especially those who adhere to Hinduism, regarding the true meaning of the Tri Datu bracelet.

The meaning Of Tri Datu Bracelet

                                                 Tri Datu Bracelet

Tri Datu or Tridatu, Tridhatu is a thread arrangement with deep philosophical values ​​and is believed by Hindus to have power.   Tri means three and Datu means element or color.

Tri Datu yarn is a thread that consists of three kinds of colors, namely: red, white and black. It is a manifestation symbol of Hyang Widhi that is made by stakeholders in a temple on a good day and has the meaning of increasing its own aura.

The three colors of Tri Datu thread also symbolize the sanctity of God in its manifestation as Tri Murti:

1. Lord Brahma (creator), the color is Red

2. Lord Wisnu (preserver), the color is Black

3. Dewa Iswara / Siwa (smelter), the color is White

Besides that, Tri Datu thread as a symbol of Tri Kona, namely: 1. Born, 2. Life, and 3. Dead,

Using Tri Datu thread, humans are increasingly bound to three birth journeys in the world. After birth and now life, and then death. The use of Tri Datu yarn is hoped that we always remember the greatness of God as the great creator, keeper and fuser.

The guiding bracelet of man is better

Because it has such a deep meaning, even a Balinese Tri Datu racelet is often worn by Balinese people when holding religious ceremonies. In fact, at present, almost all religious ceremonies in Bali are accompanied by the use of Tri Datu Bracelets by the participants. Moreover, for the people of Bali, this bracelet is a manifestation of Ida Sang Hyang Widhi.

In addition, Balinese people who wear this bracelet also do not need to buy it. Usually, this bracelet is part of pica or a gift given by some temples. According to news circulating widely in the community, Pura Dalem Ped in Nusa Penida is the first temple to distribute Tri Datu Bracelets to its visitors.

For most Hindus, you might never realize, the function of this bracelet. The tri datu bracelet also serves as a human awareness tool to always stay on the right path. In the Pitra Yadnya ceremony or the Ngaben ceremony, the function of this bracelet is to guide the dead person.

Along with the growing trend in society, other temples in Bali follow similar steps. They also gave tri datu bracelets to the visitors who came to worship. As is the case in Pura Dalem Ped, the bracelet is intended as a gift.

Although it is used as one of the infrastructure of worship by Hindus, the use of Balinese tri atu bracelets is indeed not exclusively for Hindus. Adherents of other religions are also allowed to wear this bracelet. It’s just that, in its use, it must be done properly. For example, wearing this bracelet on the leg, would be one form of abuse on religious symbols for the Hindu community.

You can get it for free at the temple. However, as an alternative, you can also get this unique Balinese bracelet by buying it directly. It is not difficult to get a seller who offers merchandise in the form of a rope bracelet. Interesting also if chosen as souvenirs, you know. from the meaning of the bracelet we can make this bracelet a souvenir for the people closest to us while visiting Bali and can also remind us of Bali which has many enchanting charms.

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