Movement to Return to the Archipelago, GWK Culture Park


Bali is a tourist destination that is very popular in Indonesia. The beaches are a “paradise” for lovers of marine tourism. Yes, even though this island is synonymous with many charming beaches, traveling does not only have to hunt places with beautiful panoramas. On the other hand, Bali also offers an interesting element of historical tourism and local culture.This magnificent cultural park, often abbreviated as Garuda Wisnu Kencana, is one of the new tourism icons on the Island of the Gods . Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) is a giant statue by one of the famous sculptors from Bali, Nyoman Nuarta. This statue is in the form of Vishnu Batara riding a legendary Garuda animal as a symbol of Amerta, an eternal virtue . The Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue is 121 meters high. That is, the height of this GWK statue exceeds the Statue of Liberty in the United States which is 93 meters high. This GWK statue is the 3rd highest in the world after The Spring Temple Buddha in China and The Laykyun Sekkya Buddha in Myanmar  . GWK is located in Ungasan Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency.

tari gwk


GWK which is referred to as a cultural park allows you to watch various cultural attractions from morning to night. Some shows are usually held in an outdoor area called the Street Theater. In addition, there is an amphitheater which is a place for special dances and arts such as Kecak Dance, Barong and Keris Dance, Rangda Dance, and traditional and modern music performances.

In another location called Lotus Pond, there are often various large capacity events such as music concerts and international meetings. Of course it’s really nice to be able to enjoy the program against the backdrop of high limestone cliffs.

Anyone can enjoy the show for free. To see performances of traditional Balinese art here, you must know the schedule first. You can see the schedule for various regular shows in the table below:

Daily Event Place Time Information
Balinese Dance Amfiteater 10:00 – 10:40
15:00 – 15.40
Instrumen Rindik Kura-kura Plaza 10:00 – 12:0014:00 – 16:00
Area Tiket Masuk 12:00 – 16:00
Barong Keris Dance Amfiteater 11:00 – 11:40
14:00 – 14:40
Garuda Wisnu Ballet Amfiteater 12:00 –12:40
Joged Bumbung Street Theater 17:30 – 18:20 Depending on the weather
Tarian Nusantara Amfiteater 13:00 – 13:40
Kecak Garuda Wisnu Amfiteater 18:30 – 19:20 Every Saturday and Sunday
Parade Bali Kang Cing Wie Area Tiket Wisnu Plaza 16:00 – 17:20 Depending on the weather

Source :

The GWK manager holds a regular agenda for visiting tourists. GWK Cultural Park’s Head of Marketing Communication Department, Oktaviano Pratomo said, every Monday starting at 7:00 p.m, his party held a night hypes event in the Plaza Kencana area. In this event, visitors can enjoy the evening to night at GWK by eating food from a food truck accompanied by live music to fire dance. Then every Friday visitors can enjoy a salsa dance performance at Reato Jendela Bali starting at 7:00 p.m. Then every Saturday there is an acoustic music performance that is held at the Street Theater and starts at 3:00 p.m.



In Garuda Wisnu Kencana we can also take pictures wearing traditional Balinese clothes at GWK Photo Studio. Apart from the complete costume, the photo session will be even more perfect because you can choose the background as you wish. After that, you will get a photo print.

The price offered is quite affordable. If you want to take your own picture, the price is only IDR 200,000 for one background and one photo size 6R. But if you want a paired photo, you can simply spend IDR 300,000 for three backgrounds and two 6R size photos. Meanwhile, you who want to take pictures with your family can pay IDR 600,000 for six backgrounds and three 6R photos.

In addition to photos in the studio, you can also request photos outdoors. Photographed in some beautiful spots of GWK attractions, perfect for those of you who come in large groups or groups. However, this indoor and outdoor photo service will only be served from 10:00 – 19:00.


Price of admission :

Relevance Price
GWK Statue Rp 200.000/pax
Day Ticket Rp 125.000

Prices can change according to the management decision of the tourist management.Ticket prices apply when this blog is published .

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