Pesona Budaya Mertasari |The Festival to Visit This August

Hello from Bali traveler! Hope you hope a wonderful day! If talking about Bali is the island of many beautiful scenery nature and culture tradition. Well, for the nature Bali is the best in the world. Mostly Balinese village has their uniqueness. One of the favorite villages in Bali is Sanur. Sanur is the beautiful village in Bali. Sanur has known by the tourists by the amazing, fantastic sunrise on the beach at morning.

Sanur has much of interest thing you can find in there. Like the beach, the traditional market, accommodation, restaurant, bar and many more. Here there is a festival held every year. One of the favorite festivals is Sanur Village Festival. Sanur Village Festival will be held on August. And before the biggest festival in Sanur be held one of the unique and new festival will be held this August. This event called “Pesona Budaya” or the cultural charm one of the festival is held in the favorite beach in Sanur . Pesona budaya in there is much attraction you can watch and many performances of the artist were showing in there and YES!  shopping stall and any cultural attraction. So here is the information! Please Enjoy.


Well, this festival will be held on 5 until 7 August 2016. This festival held in popular beach in Sanur, It’s Mertasari Beach. Here you can enjoy the event like the cultural attraction such as: the traditional market will sell any kind of product from the local people and also the food and many more. The tournament like fishing and much traditional games from Bali. There are also the humanism action like blood donor clean up the beach and many more.


So if you’re the traveler on holiday in Bali especially in Sanur, don’t be missed this event to get the experience during your vacation and get new experience by doing positive activities to help other people and YES! The nature, so prepare yourself. Happy holiday!


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